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List of Approved Events

The R&A grants approval for the payment of expenses under Rule 4-2g solely for the purpose of protecting the Amateur Status of competitors receiving expenses when competing in sponsored handicap events.  The R&A does not undertake any investigation into the organisation or financial structure of such events beyond the requirements set out in the published guidelines.  As with any other event, amateur golfers should take care when paying substantial entry fees to ensure that any event they seek to enter is operated by a reputable organisation and that the conditions or regulations of the event are clear what will happen in the event of the competition not going forward as anticipated.


Approval No 
 Daily Mail Amateur Foursomes
 Mail on Sunday National Golf Club Classic
 Peugeot LGU Coronation Foursomes
 Northern Matchplay Golf Champsionship
 Porsche Golf Cup Great Britain 2016
 The Duke of Edinburgh Cup
 International Pairs
 Turkish Airlines World Golf Cup  RA/8/2016
 Golfplan Insurance PGA Pro-Captain Challenge       
 Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Swingers
 Lombard Trophy
 WPGA Lombard Trophy
 Titleist & Footjoy Matchplay Championship
 3Ts Golf Tournament
 Audi Quattro Cup
 United Kingdom Public Course Championship  RA/16/2016
 Mercedes Trophy  RA/17/2016
 Diners Club International Pro-Am Classic  RA/18/2016
 All Ireland Club Captains Winners  RA/19/2016
 Greencard Grand Final  RA/20/2016


Approval No 
 International Pairs  RA/1/2017
 Daily Mail Amateur Foursomes
 The Duke of Edinburgh Cup
 Coronation Foursomes
 Lombard Trophy
 WPGA Lombard Trophy
 Porsche Golf Cup Great Britain
 Porsche Golf Club World Final
 Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Swingers
 Audi Quattro Cup
Titleist & Footjoy Matchplay Championship
Turkish Airlines World Golf Cup
The Diners Club International Pro-Am Classic
The Skycaddie PGA Pro Captain Challenge
Mercedes Trophy
Annodata UK Golf Club Classic
UK Public Course Championships

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