A Guide to the Rules on Clubs and Balls


As well as advising manufacturers that they should submit a club to The R&A for a ruling as to its conformity, the preamble to Appendix II also states that:

 Where a club, or part of a club, is required to meet a specification within the Rules, it must be designed and manufactured with the intention of meeting that specification.

This point can be illustrated using Appendix II, 2a, which states, in part, that “The shaft must be straight”. According to the above clause, this means that manufacturers are expected to design shafts with the intention that they will be straight. However, taking into consideration the materials commonly used to make shafts and the manufacturing techniques involved, it is not always possible for them to be perfectly straight. As long as it is clear that the shaft is designed and manufactured with the intention of being straight, a reasonable level of tolerance is given when evaluating shafts for conformance.

Appendix II divides the club into five separate categories and describes the specifications that must apply to each.The five categories are:

        4. Club (General) 
        5. Shaft 
        6. Grip
        7. Clubhead
        8. Club Face 

These five categories will now be examined in turn.