Celebrating your Centenary

Your centenary is an important occasion in your club’s history and a reason to celebrate. The R&A Heritage Department has undertaken extensive research to help you discover which other clubs are celebrating, or have celebrated, in the same year. Our search facility below allows you to search clubs throughout the UK that were founded during the period 1901-1914.

We also provide guidance if you are researching your club’s history and wish to verify the foundation year.

If you have a question relating to your club’s foundation, please email enquiries@randa.org.

Golf Club Centenary Search

To find a listing for your club or for other clubs celebrating in the same year, use our Golf Club Search function to find a club using its name, its year of foundation or the country in which it is located.

Research Guidance

To research your foundation year, you should try to confirm the following: the first committee meeting, the acquisition of land for the course, the construction and opening of the course and the building and opening of the clubhouse. Click here for more guidance.