Ball Moved, Deflected or Stopped (Rules 18 and 19)

Ball at Rest Moved (Rule 18)

Generally, when your ball is in play, if:

  • you accidentally cause it to move
  • you lift it when not permitted, or
  • it moves after you have addressed it

add a penalty stroke and replace your ball (but see the exceptions under Rules 18-2a and 18-2b).

If someone other than you, your partner or your caddies moves your ball at rest, or it is moved by another ball, replace your ball without penalty.

If a ball at rest is moved by the wind or moves of its own accord, play it as it lies without penalty.

Ball at Rest Moved 

Ball in Motion Deflected or Stopped (Rule 19)

If a ball struck by you is deflected or stopped by you, your partner, your caddies or your equipment, you incur a penalty of one stroke and play the ball as it lies (Rule 19-2).

If a ball struck by you is deflected or stopped by another ball at rest, there is normally no penalty and the ball is played as it lies.  However, in stroke play only if both balls lay on the putting green before you made your stroke, you incur a two-stroke penalty (Rule 19-5a).

 Ball in Motion Deflected or Stopped