Quick Guide to the Rules of Golf - Signed

The Rules of Golf can be a bit daunting particularly for golfers who are new to the game. The R&A publishes A Quick Guide to the Rules of Golf which is a summary of the most commonly encountered Rules situations. It provides simple explanations and clear diagrams to illustrate the Rules.

The R&A Working for Golf Ambassador Padraig Harrington recently took time out of his busy schedule to make a short film at Dun Laoghaire Golf Club, near Dublin that complements the Quick Guide. The two-time Open Champion takes you from tee to green, encountering various Rules situations along the way.

Why learn the basics? It is important to know the Rules of the game and a knowledge of these basics will enable you not just to get round the golf course incident free but it may save you some precious strokes in the process.

The film is perfect for juniors, beginners and even long standing golfers who wish to brush up on their Rules knowledge.

In addition to an understanding of the basic Rules, good etiquette is essential in golf. Padraig also filmed a guide to good etiquette which will help golfers to gain maximum enjoyment from the game.

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