A Quick Guide to the Rules of Golf

In order to assist golfers in understanding those basic Rules situations that emerge more frequently, The R&A has produced ‘A Quick Guide to the Rules of Golf'.

Contained at the front of the Rule book, and available free of charge as a separate pocket booklet, the Quick Guide takes only ten minutes to read but gives golfers guidance on how to proceed when confronted with the most common Rules issues.

For a visual guide on how to proceed in accordance with the Rules, The R&A has also produced ‘Golf Rules in Action', a DVD showing the best players in the world dealing with on-course Rules incidents. Concentrating on the basics that form the Quick Guide to the Rules, the DVD features footage from top-level tournaments that helps explain the Rules through practical demonstration.

It provides entertaining and educational viewing for the individual or, with a 20-question quiz included in the DVD extras, can be shown by a club as part of a fun ‘Rules Night'.

Both ‘A Quick Guide to the Rules of Golf' and ‘Golf Rules in Action' can be ordered by clubs and individuals online at RandA.org.