Dariga Kozhakhmetova shares her experiences and growing obsession with golf

Dariga Kozhakhmetova, Rules School delegate and Kazakhstan Open volunteer, shares her experiences and growing obsession with golf.

 Several times in life I have wondered why do people play golf in Kazakhstan. It seemed to me to be a boring, strange, weird and completely unearthly game.

In 2007, I guess, through my university I heard about the Kazakhstan Open and a call for volunteers to help run the event. I was definitely interested, if just to see all these weird people who were playing golf! I met wonderful people, a woman who’s heart is for giving and who made me love golf, emotional golfers who throw their clubs up in the air in bitterness, helpful volunteers who work 10 hours a day for nothing and still come in the next day fresh and full of energy - how do they do that? - and a lot of other wonderful people.

Now, in 2011 and my fourth year volunteering, I can admit that I love the game. It is a game of emotions played in the fresh air and at the same time of black and white rules and etiquette as you fight to control that little white ball.

Do I now understand people who play golf? Of course, I do. I now know and appreciate the joy of seeing your ball fall into the centre of the hole. When things go wrong I too go on the practice range to work on my stance, alignment and swing in the never ending search for perfection.   

All of my life I had been wary of golf and the people who play it but today I know that it is the most beautiful, interesting and exciting game I’ve ever played! Of course, sometimes as it is in life, as Ballesteros would say, “things are going under par”, but sometimes it’s far from perfect. So that’s the moment where golf becomes not just a game. It is about something that is inside of you.