Rules Education - Malaysian Golf Association

MGSThe Malaysian Golf Association (MGA) recently adopted The R&A’s three-tier program of Rules education.  Over the course of 2012, the MGA has rolled out this programme focussing on conducting the Level 1 Introductory Rules School with MGA officials only.

Utilising The R&A’s Level 1 Rules education materials, the MGA has carried out these Introductory Schools with the aim of promoting a better understanding of the Rules to golfers around Malaysia.  Similar Schools have also been conducted this year using The R&A materials by the Indian Golf Union and the Myanmar Golf Federation.

Starting in May 2012, over 200 delegates have attended a Level 1 Introductory Rules School at various venues, from Kuala Lumpur to Penang, Johor Baharu to Sabah. 

The Level 1 Introductory Rules School is based on Etiquette, the Quick Guide to the Rules of Golf and the Definitions section of the Rules of Golf.  With a mix of presentations, on-course practical sessions and a short exam, the Level 1 Introductory Rules School can even be held over the course of one day if time is short.

MGSThe MGA has been holding Rules Schools since 2004, but this is the first time they have worked in conjunction with The R&A on a structured Rules education programme.  Before progressing to Level 2, the delegates must have attended the Level 1 School or a previous school run by the MGA. The MGA hopes that these Level 1 Schools will encourage interested golfers to progress to the next stage, to develop a deeper understanding of the Rules and for some to become fully fledged MGA referees in due course.

As part of its aim to increase awareness and knowledge of the Rules of Golf, The R&A is increasingly looking to work with its affiliates to deliver the Level 1 and Level 2 Schools as part of its three-tier Education Programme. It is intended to make the Rules School materials available to national golf associations provided they have suitable Rules qualified individuals able to act as instructors.

And later this year a special “teach the teachers” seminar will take place in Thailand where invited delegates from various Asian golf associations will train with R&A instructors in order to learn more about The R&A’s Education Programme.