Suzann Pettersen Rules of Golf

Shona McRae, Assistant Director – Rules recently met with R&A Working for Golf Ambassador - Suzann Pettersen at Bay Hill, Arnold Palmer’s home course in Orlando, where they filmed some clips that explain some of the fundamental Rules of Golf and the big changes for 2012.

Shona and Suzann outline the following:

1. Rule 12-1, searching for and identifying ball

2. Rule 13-4, Exception 2 – smoothing sand in a bunker prior to the stroke for the sole purpose of caring for the course

3. Rule 13-4, stones in bunkers

4. Rule 13-4, ball in bunker; prohibited actions

5. 17-1, flagstick attended, removed or held up

6. Rule 18-2a, ball at rest moved by player, partner, caddie or equipment – player standing on his ball, what do you do?

7. Rule 27-2, provisional ball

Please note that clips 1 and 2 are amendments to the 2012 Rules.