Teach the Teachers Seminar, Bangkok, Thailand 6-8 November 2012

RulesFor some years now The R&A has been conducting Rules Schools across the world but the first ever “Teach the Teachers” seminar at the Bangkok Golf Club signalled a new approach to Rules Education in Asia.

The R&A put the following three-tier Rules educational programme in place two years ago:

  1. Level 1 – Introductory Rules School
  • A 1 day course focused on Etiquette, the principal Definitions and the Quick Guide to the Rules of Golf 

2. Level 2 – Rules School

  • A 2½ day course focused on the main playing Rules and an introduction to refereeing. 

3. Level 3 – Tournament Administrators and Referees School

  • A 3 day School focused on what is required to run a tournament and to be a good referee.

The R&A has been working closely with the China Golf Association and the Indian Golf Union on Rules education but the introduction of this three-tier Rules educational programme has provided the opportunity to formulate a more structured approach to Rules education across the whole of Asia.

Delegates from 12 national golf associations across Asia and the Asian Tour gathered to receive The R&A’s Level 1 and Level 2 education materials.

RulesThe education materials will enable these national golf associations to run their own Level 1 and Level 2 Schools and so meet the increasing demand for education on the Rules and etiquette. As part of this partnership with its affiliates, The R&A is committed to running an annual Level 3 Tournament Administrators and Referees School in Asia for the top graduates from Level 2 Rules Schools. Singapore will host the 2013 Asian TARS in March.

“It is vital that the instructors who will deliver these Schools with The R&A’s materials are comfortable with them and that a consistent message is delivered,” said Chris Hilton, Chairman (R&A Rules of Golf Committee). “Holding the seminar allowed some of the key people who will act as instructors to come together to discuss the materials and to practice the delivery of them.”

“This is an important initiative for The R&A and Rules education in Asia. We are committed to improving the knowledge of the Rules and etiquette at all levels of the game and we feel that working with our affiliates offers the best opportunity to reach as many people as efficiently as possible.”