Supporting golf in Tasmania

TasmaniaA school in Hobart, Tasmania which lacked the equipment to help students learn to play golf has received support from The R&A.

New Town High School has 800 students from grade 7 to grade 10 and only had 20 right handed and seven left handed irons available for them to use. PE teacher John Sheppard is a keen golfer and a member of Royal Hobart Golf Club. Frustrated at the lack of golf equipment available at the government-run school he contacted The R&A to see if there was anything that could be done to help and it agreed to provide 20 full sets of golf clubs.

Now with the assistance of Roger Hughes, the club professional at Royal Hobart, Mr Sheppard is planning to run four ten-week classes for grade 9 and 10 students next year to give them the basics skills of the game encourage them to take it up.

He explained: “There is a very large interest from students to participate in these courses and I definitely see this as a sound foundation for further skill development outside of school. I also organise a junior, 7’s & 8’s and a senior, 9’s & 10’s golf day, which is held at local golf clubs. With the clubs, which The R&A has donated, I will be able to run a successful golf programme for the students and the school. If students are entering in school competitions then they will also be able to borrow a set of clubs. ”

Alison White, Assistant Director – Golf Development at The R&A, said: “We were impressed with the enthusiasm shown by Mr Sheppard and his pupils to play golf. It can be very difficult to get young people interested in the game without the proper equipment. We are pleased to be able to assist them with providing equipment and hopefully this will encourage some students who might not have had the chance to play golf otherwise to take up the game.”

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