Level 1 Rules School in Hong Kong

Hong KongThe Hong Kong Golf Association (HKGA) ran a successful Level 1 Rules School at Fanling on 23rd March. 

During the morning session, Brian Choa, the Chairman of Rules and Amateur Status at the HKGA and Candi Anna Chan presented a series of classroom-based talks to the 47 delegates utilising The R&A’s Level 1 education materials. 

The afternoon was dedicated to on-course practical demonstrations with four stations set up; teeing ground, through the green, bunker and putting green.  There were two qualified Rules officials on hand at each station to demonstrate and explain the applicable Rules with each official having previously passed the Level 2 or Level 3 R&A Rules exam.  Brian Choa explained the focus of their attention during the practical demonstrations, “Our policy has been to emphasise the important basics and the commonly made mistakes, so a concept like nearest point of relief got a lot of attention, as did the proper use of a provisional ball, the definition of casual water and the like.”

The HKGA was delighted with how well the school was received and with the enthusiasm of the students.  During the course, 38 participants took the Level 1 exam with 30 attaining the pass mark of 70% and several achieving over 90%.

Hong Kong

Brian Choa (front left) along with some of the other officials involved in running the course.