New Decision 2014

The following Decisions have been introduced since the publication of the Decisions on the Rules of Amateur Status (effective 1 January 2012). The complete listing and details of all the Decisions on the Rules of Amateur Status can be viewed in the Rules Explorer.

6-2/20.5 Receipt of Expenses for Allowing Name or Likeness to be Used to Promote Golf Association or Union

Q. A golf association or union requests that an amateur golfer of skill or reputation appear in a promotion for the association or union, as permitted by Exception (a) to Rule 6-2. If the amateur golfer incurs expenses (e.g. travel, lodging, etc) in connection with the promotion, may he be reimbursed for the expenses?

A.  Yes.  The amateur golfer may receive reasonable actual expenses in connection with the promotional activity. (New)

Effective 1 January 2014