Guidance on Running a Competition


Golf is essentially a self-regulating game. The players are responsible for knowing the Rules and are expected to apply them correctly. However, at times golf can be a complex game and competitions need to be run properly.

Conditions of Competition and Local Rules must be drafted. The course must be set up carefully and marked accurately. The Rules must be applied without fault or favour to all players. Guidance on Running a Competition has been produced to provide a single reference for Committees running golf competitions.

In covering all the major factors involved in organising a successful event, it is appreciated that certain aspects of Guidance on Running a Competition are of an elementary nature and will be of interest only to Committees with relatively little experience in competition administration. On the other hand, some of the more detailed matters referred to will be relevant only to top class amateur and professional events. It is a matter for each Committee to decide which parts of the publication are applicable to the competitions it conducts.

While this guide is intended to be thorough in its coverage, certain aspects associated with competitions (e.g. rights to television pictures and photography, liability insurance, player accommodation and spectator parking) are not dealt with as it is considered impractical to provide generic guidelines on such matters.

Reference is made throughout this document to the Rules of Golf and to the publication “Decisions on the Rules of Golf”. It is assumed that any Committee running a golf competition will have access to the current edition of these essential publications. Both are also available for reference online in the Rules Explorer. In all publications, including Guidance on Running a Competition, the gender used in relation to any person is understood to include both genders.