Guidance on Running a Competition


Firstly, a Committee must decide who may participate in the competition, i.e. men, women, juniors, seniors etc.

It may be that a competition has handicap restrictions. Generally, a competition will have a restricted field and the Committee must decide on a procedure if it receives more entries than it can accept. A “first come first served” policy can be adopted, or alternatively, the Committee may accept the players with the lowest handicaps. If this is the case the Committee must decide whether it will use exact handicaps (i.e. to one decimal point) or playing handicaps (i.e. whole numbers) to determine the lowest handicaps.

If entry is restricted by age then any condition in this regard should be unambiguous. For a junior competition it is recommended that entry should be restricted to those persons who have not reached 18 years of age by 1st January in the year that the competition is to take place. With any other age limits (e.g. Mid-Amateur or Senior events) it is recommended that a player must have reached the minimum age by the first day of the competition. However, other dates may be used.