Guidance on Running a Competition

Advice in Team Competitions

The Note to Rule 8 states:

“The Committee may, in the conditions of a team competition (Rule 33-1), permit each team to appoint one person who may give advice (including pointing out a line for putting) to members of that team. The Committee may establish conditions relating to the appointment and permitted conduct of that person, who must be identified to the Committee before giving advice.”

It should be noted that if the person so nominated is a playing member of the team, advice may not be given while he is actually playing a stipulated round (except to his partner). He may give advice to other team members before playing or after his own round has been completed (Decision 8/2).

 Chapter 2-15 Advice

Restrictions can be applied by the Committee to the appointment of the team captain, for example, it may be stated that the captain has to be a playing member of the team or that he must be an Amateur golfer (Decision 8/1). In addition, restrictions on the conduct of such a person may be applied. For example, it may be a condition that the team captain may not stand on any putting green thereby limiting the captain’s ability to point out a line for putting.

Furthermore, the Committee may adopt a condition specifying that the team captain is part of the match or the competitor’s side, i.e. he is not an outside agency. Such a condition would have the effect of making the player(s), or, in some circumstances, the team, responsible for any breach of the Rules by the captain (Decision 33-1/11.5).