Guidance on Running a Competition


The Committee must determine how players are to enter the competition. In county (provincial) and national events it is normal for players to have to complete an entry form that must reach the Committee by a certain date. In many cases, an entry fee must accompany the entry form.

A Committee must decide whether it will accept entries by post only or by other methods of communication such as fax or email. This will mean that the entry fee cannot accompany the entry form other than by credit card, which has implications for the administration of entries.

In club competitions entry may be made by a player adding his name to a sheet by a certain date or simply arriving on the day of the competition and indicating his desire to play. Even with these less formal methods of entry, the Committee must establish clear procedural guidelines and state what should happen if the correct procedure is not adopted. For example, if a player is able to enter a competition by putting his name down for a starting time on the day of the competition, is he then restricted to that time or can he subsequently decide to play at another time? It is considered advisable for the Committee to provide a condition stating that once a player has entered his name against a starting time, that starting time has the status of a time fixed by the Committee and, therefore, cannot be altered without the Committee’s authority.