Guidance on Running a Competition


Rule 7-1 provides that a player may practise on the competition course before a round on any day of a match play competition, but a competitor in stroke play must not practise before a round or play-off on any day of a stroke play competition or test the surface of any putting green on the course by rolling a ball or roughening or scraping the surface. However, the Note to Rule 7-1 states:

“The Committee may, in the conditions of a competition (Rule 33-1), prohibit practice on the competition course on any day of a match play competition or permit practice on the competition course or part of the course (Rule 33-2c) on any day of or between rounds of a stroke play competition.”

Therefore, the Committee may introduce a condition that overrides Rule 7-1.

CofC Practice

In match play competitions with large fields playing over consecutive days it may be desirable to prohibit practice on any day of the competition in order to allow the green staff sufficient time to prepare the course without interruption.

CofC Practice 2

If a Club has no practice facilities it may be necessary to allow competitors in a stroke play competition to use a part of the course for practising and, therefore, such a condition must be introduced. If a Club’s practice ground is situated within the boundary of the course it would be necessary to specifically permit practice on this area on the day of a stroke play competition by condition. Furthermore, in order to maximise space on what may be a limited practice area, the Committee may wish to clearly define areas from which balls may be struck and stipulate directions of play.