Guidance on Running a Competition

Integral Parts of the Course

In addition to roads and paths, there may be other constructions that the Committee wishes to declare integral parts of the course.

For example, newly constructed bunkers often have a plastic lining which, by Definition, is an immovable obstruction. However, if the lining is such that it is unlikely to hinder a player in his play, the Committee may make a Local Rule declaring the lining to be an integral part of the course in order to prevent a player from obtaining relief in the bunker.

Local Rules Integral Part

Alternatively, a construction such as a wall, which does not define the boundary, may be a feature of a hole and to allow relief under Rule 24-2b for interference from the wall would weaken the hole. In such a situation, the Committee would be advised to declare it an integral part of the course, for example:

The stone walls at the 8th and 13th holes are integral parts of the course. The ball must be played as it lies or deemed unplayable (Rule 28).”

Committees are reminded that all constructions are either “obstructions” (relief is available under Rule 24) or “integral parts of the course” (no relief except under penalty by deeming the ball unplayable). It is not permissible for a Local Rule either to attach a penalty to the relief obtainable under Rule 24 or to modify the penalty for proceeding under the unplayable ball Rule.