Guidance on Running a Competition

Ground Under Repair

Prior to marking any areas as ground under repair, the Committee is advised to conduct a tour of the entire course to identify areas that may need to be marked. Only when an inspection has been completed is it recommended that any marking should be undertaken. Otherwise, the Committee may mark areas of ground under repair at the first few holes and subsequently find that the course has many other similar areas and it is not possible to mark them all.

Marking the Course GUR1

To provide consistency, it is suggested that the duty of marking ground under repair should be assigned to a small number of the Committee, preferably two or three people including the person in charge of the Committee, and ideally any decision should be taken jointly.

It is recommended that ground under repair be defined by white lines, however, if the terrain is such that putting down a line is impossible, small stakes painted a distinctive colour, such as blue or black, may be used (stakes which are white, yellow or red are not recommended).

As highlighted in Chapter 3, there may be areas that the Committee wishes to declare ground under repair from which play is prohibited. Whilst the Local Rules or a notice should make reference to such areas, the Committee should also place signs in the ground under repair stating that play is prohibited from the area.

In tournaments where there are areas for spectators to cross holes, if the ground condition is likely to change significantly, it is recommended that these crossing points are marked as ground under repair. However, only that portion of the crossing point, which is on the fairway, should be so marked. It is considered overly generous to mark those parts of the crossing point in the rough as ground under repair. Normally the player has already gained an advantage by his ball landing in a trampled area. In any case, if such an area is unusually damaged, the Committee has authority to declare the area of rough ground under repair (see Chapter 3 and Decision 33-2a/3).

 Chapter 4-4 Crossing Point
Crossing points may be marked as ground under repair but it is recommended that only the fairway portions of the crossings are so marked.