Guidance on Running a Competition

Dropping Zones (see also Chapter 3)

Dropping zones are used when it is impossible for a player to play from the area of relief provided under a Rule or play is deemed by the Committee to be impracticable. In addition, it is common for dropping zones to be established for taking relief from temporary immovable obstructions, such as grandstands.

Dropping zones should be outlined with paint and an appropriate sign should be placed, or the words “Dropping Zone” (or “DZ”) painted, in the area. The area created should be large enough to allow for a reasonable lie after divots are taken. There are no specific guidelines concerning the form dropping zones should take. They may be any shape. Committees may wish to relate the colour of the paint line to the condition from which relief is being taken, e.g. yellow if the dropping zone relates to a water hazard, red if it relates to a lateral water hazard, but there is no necessity to do this.

In the situation where a dropping zone is used to provide relief from a temporary immovable obstruction, the dropping zone should, in terms of difficulty of shot, reflect the lie and line of play the player would have had if the ball were playable from the area beneath the temporary construction.

It is common for...
It is common for dropping zones to be established for taking relief from grandstands. The dropping zone should, as far as possible, simulate the shot the player would have had if it were played from where the grandstand has been situated.