Guidance on Running a Competition

The Rules of Golf

All competitions should be conducted in strict conformity with the Rules of Golf. In order to do this, a Committee must be equipped with a supply of current Rules of Golf books and the publication “Decisions on the Rules of Golf”, which contains interpretations of the Rules (see Appendix K for the information on how to obtain these books). Without these essential tools a Committee cannot hope to run a competition in accordance with the Rules.

Participants in a competition expect to be treated as fairly as possible and the only way this can be achieved is if the Rules are strictly applied to all concerned. There is no more certain a way to damage the reputation of a competition than by poor management. It may be difficult and unpleasant to be punctilious in the enforcement of the Rules, but to avoid taking such action can set dangerous precedents and create major difficulties in the long term. However, it must be stressed that authority should only be used for the purpose of promoting fair play under equal conditions.