Guidance on Running a Competition

Issuing Score Cards and Recording Scores

In stroke play, it is the Committee’s responsibility to issue for each competitor a score card containing the date and the competitor’s name, or in foursome or four-ball stroke play, the competitors’ names. The Committee’s duties in respect of addition of scores, applications of handicaps, etc. in the various forms of stroke play are clearly outlined in Rule 33-5 (for a breakdown of the responsibilities of the Committee, marker and competitor in relation to the score card, see Appendix F).

It is important that the task of recording scores is given to a responsible person or group of persons as any errors that occur during the returning of score cards can have serious consequences and can undermine all the good work which has been put into a competition.

The method of receiving score cards may vary depending on the nature of the competition. It is common for Golf Clubs to utilise a “ballot box” where completed cards are returned, whereas in most professional events there is a recorder’s office or tent. Where a ballot box is in use, the Committee may consider the card returned when it is dropped into the box.

Irrespective of method used, it is essential that the Committee make it clear when a competitor is considered to have “returned his card”, after which point no alterations may be made to the card. This should be established in the conditions of the competition in case a dispute arises. For example at The Open, t