Guidance on Running a Competition

Forecaddies and Marshals

The Committee may position forecaddies in areas where there is a possibility of balls being lost, or course marshals may be asked to fulfil this role. Such a policy can assist with pace of play if balls can be found quickly or if players can be made aware that a ball has not been found and, therefore, are encouraged to play a provisional ball. So that all players play under the same conditions, the Committee should ensure that a forecaddie is present all day.

Comp Admin Forecaddies

However, if the use of forecaddies is to be successful, there must be a clear and efficient signalling policy so that the status of the ball is clear to the player concerned. It is even more vital that the system is unambiguous when the forecaddie is signalling with reference to whether a ball is in or out of bounds. The worst case scenario is that a player puts a second ball into play and it subsequently transpires that his original ball was in bounds. In this type of situation, it is advisable that the player plays a provisional ball even if the signal is indicating that his original ball is out of bounds.