Guidance on Running a Competition

Refereeing an Area or Zone on Course

When a referee is watching play either by chance or through having been assigned to a particular place on the course, their duties are different from those of a referee who is appointed to accompany a group or match. 

In match play, unless a referee is assigned to accompany the players throughout a match, he has no authority to intervene in a match other than in relation to Rule 1-3, 6-7 or 33-7.  It is a matter for the opponent to decide if he wishes to make a claim (see Rule 2-5).  The referees presence on the course is solely to assist players in the event of a claim. 

In stroke play the situation is different. Every competitor has a direct interest in the play of all other competitors. Every referee, therefore, has a duty to represent the interest of every competitor in the field. Thus, a referee assigned to a particular area or zone on the course must act on any probable breach of the Rules that he may observe. This may be done by immediately questioning the competitor about his procedure. Also, he will be called upon to make decisions on the course.

 Committee members are assigned

Committee members are assigned to parts of the course and the role of the Committee member may vary depending on the form of play.