Guidance on Running a Competition

Appendix E: Measurements for Hole Locations - Explanatory


  1. Assess direction of ideal approach shot to green. This should also be reviewed from the back of the green.
  2. Mark the point where the line of ideal approach meets the front edge of the green, (NB. This point will not necessarily be on the edge of the green). Use a small paint mark to establish this point. Also put a small paint mark just off the back edge of the green on a continuation of this line.
  3. Calculate the length of the green by measuring from the point so marked in line with the ideal approach shot to the back of the green.
  4. Determine the hole location depth by measuring along the same line each day.
  5. Give measurement to the edge of the green on a 90 degree angle from the ‘green length’ line measuring from the hole location to the edge of the green.


Appendix EE

If the length of the green was 30 yards, the depth measurement of the hole location 23 yards and the distance of the hole to the right side of the green 9 yards, on a standard hole location sheet it would be recorded as shown to the left.