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Frequently Asked Questions

R&A Coronation Foursomes

Q. Do we have to let the R&A know that we are holding a club qualifying round?
A. No, simply schedule a qualifying round and then when you have determined your club representatives find out how to enter them online at

Q. When should we schedule our club qualifying round?
A. The club qualifying round can be played anytime between 1 December 2018 and 19 June 2019. The closing date for entries is Thursday 20 June 2019.

Q. Can we allocate a qualifying round to an existing fixture?
A. Yes, alternatively, you may allocate a separate fixture.

Q. Can our club qualifying round be played over two days? (i.e. Main & Alternative Day)
A. Yes, however a competitor may only play once.

Q. How do we enter?
A. Clubs are invited to enter the Coronation Foursomes online entry system at

Q. How much does it cost per pair and are there a minimum number of pairs that must play?
A. Entry costs £4 (Euro equivalent) per couple and even a single pair may enter, however the minimum club entry is £16 (Euro equivalent).

Q. How do I pay club entry fees?
A. When you enter online at you may use a credit or debit card to pay the entry fees.  Euro entries made online will be converted to £4 sterling per pair at the current exchange rate.

Q. What is the format of club qualifying rounds, Area Finals and the Grand Final? Is it the same for all stages?
A. Yes, the format for all stages of the competition is the same, 18 holes of foursomes stableford.

Q. What is the handicap allowance for club qualifying rounds, Area Finals and the Grand Final?
A. The handicap allowance for all stages of the competition is half the combined handicap. (Half strokes should be rounded up)

Q. What is the handicap limit for the event?
A. Any player with a current CONGU handicap of 36 or under may enter.

Q. May Juniors play?
A. Juniors are actively encouraged to play. Any club which does not permit a junior with a current CONGU UHS handicap to compete in a qualifying round shall not be permitted to forward a winner to the Area Final.

Q. Can I use a Buggy?
A. Any player wishing to use a buggy must apply for permission to ride from the appropriate organising committee in advance of the competition.

Qualifying Round - permission must be sought from the Club Committee.
Area Final - permission must be sought from The R&A.
Grand Final - permission must be sought from The R&A.

Q. Can I use a Distance Measuring Device?

A. Yes - DMDs are permitted at all stages of the competition.


Q. Can a qualifying round be played on temporary greens?
A. Yes.

Q. Where will the Area Finals be played?
A. A list of Area Finals can be found on The R&A website and the Coronation Foursomes poster. The poster should reach clubs by the end of February.

Q. May our club representatives choose which Area Final they wish to play in?
A. Yes, your club representatives may attend any of the 16 Area Finals. Representatives will be asked to specify two preferred choices of venue. Every effort will be made to accommodate first choice venues wherever possible.

Q. Can a pair other than the winning club pair be sent to an Area Final?
A. Yes. If the first placed pair is unable to make the Area Final, then the next placed pair can be sent in their place and so on until an available pair is found. Once a pair has been entered substitutions will only be considered in exceptional circumstances and limited to 2nd & 3rd placed pairs from a clubs’ qualifying round.  Prior permission must be sought from The R&A or the Area Final Manager.


Q. Will our winners still receive their mementoes even if they do not attend an Area Final?
A. Yes, all winners will be sent mementoes whether they play or not.

Q. Who runs the Coronation Foursomes?
A.  The Coronation Foursomes is organised by The R&A with the assistance of 16 Area Final Managers who deal with the administration of each individual Area Final.

Q. Who should I contact if I have a question and where do I find the contact information for the Area Final Managers?
A. If you have a question about a particular Area Final we would suggest contacting the Manager in the first instance. Contact information can be found on The R&A website

Alternatively, if you have a general question relating to the R&A Coronation Foursomes you can call The R&A Office on +44 (0)1334 460000