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Conditions of Competition

The Amateur Championship

Closing Date for Entries Sunday 20 May 2018



a) By submitting an entry for this Championship you are entering into an agreement with R&A Championships Limited (Company number SC247047), having its registered office at Beach House, Golf Place, St Andrews, Fife KY16 9JA (‘The R&A’) and you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions (‘Conditions’). References in these Conditions to decisions of the Committee are to decisions taken by the Amateur Events Committee on behalf of The R&A. It is the responsibility of each competitor to ensure that he has read and complies with these Conditions.

b) The Championship shall be open to players of the male gender who (i) are members of a recognised golf club; (ii) have Amateur Status in accordance with the current Amateur Status Rules of R&A Rules Limited; (iii) are within WAGRTM listing 1-2000 (see at date of entry (iv) hold a current CONGU Competition Handicap of not more than +1.5 or overseas equivalent, at date of entry.

c) One entry per player must be submitted electronically via the R&A website and must be received by close of entries i.e. 23:59hrs GMT on Sunday 20 May 2018. Entries by telephone will not be accepted. It is the entrants’ responsibility to ensure that his online entry is completed successfully, and all contact details are accurate. Late entries will not be accepted. In the event of duplicate entries being submitted, the first entry will be used for all purposes. Duplicate entry fees that have been collected by The R&A will be refunded but may be subject to the deduction of a £10 sterling administration fee. Entry fees will be refunded if intimation of withdrawal is received on or before close of entries. Please note a service charge of £10 sterling may be deducted. After close of entries, entry fees will only be refunded in full to entrants who do not gain a place in the starting field. Any refund of entry fees will be issued within 28 days of the final day of the Championship by the method of initial payment. If an entrant withdraws before or after the closure of entries, their withdrawal is final and re-entry will not be permitted.

d) The exact handicap certified at date of entry will be used for all purposes. i.e. no change of handicap will be accepted, even if prior to the close of entries. Where an entry is made using the entrant’s Centralised Database Handicap (CDH) number from the country of origin, it is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure that their exact handicap is up to date. For an entry to be accepted that has not been made using a CDH the entrant will be required to email their handicap certification immediately to Failure to submit handicap certification by close of entries will result in an entry being rejected.

e) Competitors holding both a CONGU Competition Handicap and overseas authority handicap must enter the Championship using their CONGU Competition Handicap. The CONGU Competition Handicap maintained by the player’s ‘Home’ club must and will be used for all purposes. The penalty for failure to enter the Championship in compliance with this condition is disqualification.

f) Acceptance of an online entry or being within the WAGRTM listing 1-2000 at date of entry does not guarantee a place in the starting field. Players successful in gaining a place in the starting field will be advised after the entry closing date. The R&A will not be liable to compensate you for any cost or expense incurred prior to the starting field being confirmed.

g) All entries are subject to the approval of the Committee, which reserves the right to disqualify any entrant making a false statement on his online entry and/or to accept or refuse or, having accepted, subsequently reject any entry without giving reasons for its decision.

h) All players must compete in the Championship in its entirety. Failure to do so may result in future entries being rejected.

i) All players are subject to the provisions of the International Golf Federation's Anti-Doping Policy. Details of the Policy, and the current List of Prohibited Substances and Methods, are available from the International Golf Federation's website ( Players who are taking medication and in doubt as to their clinical status should seek advice from the R&A or the IGF knowing that, should a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) be required this must be submitted to the IGF not later than 30 days before the start of the Championship.


a) The starting field will comprise 288 players.
Any entrant named in one of the following categories will be allocated a place in the starting field:
(i) Amateur Champions 1998 - 2017
US Amateur Champions 2008 - 2017
International European Amateur Champions 2008 - 2017
Asia-Pacific Amateur Champions 2009 - 2017
Latin America Amateur Champions 2015 - 2018
(ii) The US Mid-Amateur Champion 2017
The Boys Amateur Champion 2017
(iii) Playing members of:
The 2017 Walker Cup Teams
The 2018 Bonallack Trophy Teams
The 2016 St Andrews Trophy Teams
(iv) Winners in the 52 weeks to 20 May 2018 of WAGRTM Category A and B events.
(v) Players who reached the last 32 of the Amateur Championship in 2017.

b) After allocating places to competitors under Condition 2 a), the starting field will be completed in order of WAGRTM listing 1-2000 on completion of WAGRTM week 2018/20 and, if still incomplete, by entrants using exact handicaps at date of entry. Unsuccessful entrants will be given the opportunity to compete in the event of withdrawals. The reserve list will be in order of those unsuccessful entrants within the WAGRTM listing 1-2000 at close of entries, and thereafter by handicap.

c) The Committee reserves the right to exempt a player.

d) A competitor whose withdrawal is not notified by close of registration or who is absent from the Championship without notice of his withdrawal will have his entries to all R&A Championships rejected for the next calendar year. Exceptions may be made in case of sickness and other special circumstances at the discretion of the Committee. When a competitor has withdrawn due to sickness or injury he must submit an authorised medical certificate to the Amateur Entries Department of The R&A within seven days otherwise the competitor shall be liable to have future entries scrutinised which may result in them being rejected. If an entrant withdraws before or after the closure of entries, their withdrawal is final, and re-entry will not be allowed.

e) Competitors are requested to register immediately on arrival at Royal Aberdeen on Saturday 16 or Sunday 17 June 2018.

f) Players must be of the male gender and have been male at birth or have had the male gender assigned. For the avoidance of doubt, The R&A reserves the right to carry out a confidential case-by-case evaluation at any time either prior to or after the Championship if in its reasonable opinion such an evaluation is or becomes necessary. Any player in breach of this condition may be disqualified.

g) The Championship shall be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf as approved by R&A Rules Limited and the Local Rules as approved by the Committee.

h) The specimen conditions in the Rules of Golf are in effect regarding Conforming Driver Heads and Conforming Golf Balls. The specimen condition in Decision 4-1/1 of Decisions on the Rules of Golf is in effect for Grooves and Punch Marks.

i) Competitors and caddies shall walk at all times during a stipulated round and must not ride on any form of transportation unless permitted by the Committee.

j) A copy of the pace of play conditions will be posted at the Championship venue and will be available on request.

k) The qualifying rounds of the Championship will be stroke play over two rounds of 18 holes, one to be played over Royal Aberdeen and one over Murcar Links on each of the first two days.
The 64 lowest scores over the 36 holes and ties for 64th place will compete in the match play stage of the Championship which will be played over Royal Aberdeen. The draw will be seeded. If a competitor, who has posted a two-round total that will qualify for the match play stage, withdraws before or after the match play draw is made, that competitor’s results will still be used to calculate the leading 64 places and ties that will determine the cut mark.

l) Each match will consist of one round of 18 holes except the Final which will be played over 36 holes. The stipulated round is deemed to extend to as many holes as are required for a match to be won.

m) Immediately after the match is finished, the winner must sign the official result card and give the result to an appointed official or return the card immediately to the Recording Office. Failure to comply with this condition renders the player liable to disqualification.


a) A memento will be presented to competitors finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the stroke play qualifying. Ties for these places will be decided on the lowest aggregate score for the second 9 holes (or the last 6 or 3 or 1 hole) on both courses. If a tie still arises, the scores for the first 9 holes will be treated in the same way until a decision is reached.

b) The winner will become the Champion Amateur Golfer for the year and will be awarded the Championship Trophy and a Gold Medal. The runner-up will receive a Silver Medal and each losing semi-finalist a Bronze Medal.


a) The R&A will not be liable for any loss, damage, cost or expense suffered by you which was not reasonably foreseeable when your participation was confirmed after the closing date, and/or was not directly caused by The R&A.

b) If a player is found to have breached Etiquette, the Committee will take appropriate action which may include reporting the facts to the player's Federation/National Association. If the breach is considered to be serious, the player may be disqualified.

c) All competitors are subject to the provisions of The R&A’s Anti-Corruption and Betting Policy in force at the date of the Championship.

d) R&A Championships Limited seeks media coverage and publicity for the Amateur Championship around and during the Championship via both the written press and via broadcast and audio-visual media. Each competitor by entering the Championship and by agreeing to these Conditions assigns to R&A Championships Limited and its assignees and licensees the right in perpetuity throughout the world to make, use, edit, exhibit and reproduce (and to authorise others to do so) in any and all media (whether Press, radio, television, internet or otherwise), whether now known or hereafter devised for commercial and/or other purposes from time to time and at their discretion, any and all pictures, coverage, recordings and any other reproductions of any description of the competitor made during or in connection with the Championship (including, without limitation, during practice and play) without compensation for the competitor or the heirs, successors, executors, administrators or assignees of the competitor. The competitor also assigns the right to use and reproduce their name, voice, likeness and biographical material in any way now known or hereafter devised by R&A Championships Limited for the purpose of promoting the Championship and any subsequent Championships, without compensation for the competitor or the heirs, successors, executors, administrators or assignees of the competitor including in circumstances where it may include the logo of a third party or of a sponsor or patron of the Championship or any subsequent Championship or any other activities undertaken by R&A Championships Limited. Competitors shall be responsible for ensuring that their caddies (if applicable) will assign to R&A Championships Limited and its successors and licensees equivalent rights in relation to the caddie. Notwithstanding the foregoing grant of rights, R&A Championships Limited and its assignees and licensees agree that, other than as permitted above, they will not authorise any company contractually associated with R&A Championships Limited to use the competitor’s name, voice, likeness and biographical material in a way which constitutes the endorsement of a product or service, without first requiring such associated company to obtain the competitor’s authorisation. R&A Championships Limited may also use any image of the competitor taken at the Championship to populate the relevant pages of the WORLD AMATEUR GOLF RANKINGTM website at

e) All Championship information including a list of accepted entries may be viewed at

f) The Committee’s objective is to complete the Championship as per the format outlined in these Conditions.
The Committee reserves the right to amend these Conditions at any time including the right to arrange and/or alter starting times. The decision of the Committee is final in all matters.

g) These Conditions will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the law of Scotland.