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The Women in Golf Charter seeks to inspire an industry-wide commitment to developing a more inclusive culture within golf and enable more women and girls to maximise their potential at all levels of the sport.

While the Women in Golf Charter provides the impetus for change, #FOREeveryone represents a creative approach to unite the industry behind a single campaign. 

The campaign will encourage clubs to consider how they can evolve to welcome more women and girls to the game, challenging stereotypes and proving that it is an enjoyable pastime and career for people of all ages and genders. 

#FOREeveryone will encourage facilities and organisations to sign-up to the Women in Golf Charter and work towards the achievement of their own ‘Charter Commitments’.

A toolkit has been developed to provide specific recommendations and resources which clubs and facilities can use to communicate the need for change to their members and, eventually, can begin using to attract more women and girls. 


The Opportunity

The R&A Women in Golf Charter

#FOREeveryone Campaign Resources

To see examples of #FOREeveryone assets, click on the images below. To access the full suite of #FOREeveryone campaign assets, visit the Resource Portal.


How to get the most from the #FOREeveryone campaign

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