The R&A - Working for Golf

A Quick Guide to the Rules of Golf Now Available in British Sign Language BSL

Working closely with Signworld, Britain’s biggest British Sign Language (BSL) learning resource website, The R&A has recently launched a version of the Quick Guide to the Rules of Golf video with a BSL interpretation.

R&A Working for Golf Ambassador Padraig Harrington features in the short film, providing explanations and clear illustrations of the Rules. With the assistance of Signworld, the ten minute video has been made accessible to deaf people with the production of a signed version.

Linda Day, Signworld Director and keen golfer herself commented, “I feel it’s important to have the Rules of Golf translated into BSL. Information in written English isn’t always clear to deaf people. I’d now expect to see deaf golfers understanding and interpreting the Rules more effectively.”

The BSL interpretation can be viewed on The R&A’s website and has already generated enthusiastic comments from around the Deaf community.

496C15326A3E43B6A21A84B0D6DC7177Craig Crowley, Chief Executive of Action Deafness and ex-President of the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf, said it was “Truly an excellent breakthrough. Hopefully this will lead on to further developments in future."

Colin Allen, Australian President of the World Federation of the Deaf, said, “This information in Sign Language is a brilliant opportunity for deaf people to understand further the Rules of Golf. It is good to see the governing body acknowledging the right of Deaf people to receive information in their national sign language.”

The R&A also produces an audio version of the Rules of Golf, which contains the Quick Guide to the Rules of Golf and the Rules of Amateur Status, making the Rules accessible to blind golfers as well. The audio CD is available free of charge to registered blind golfers and is also available from The R&A online shop.

“The R&A is delighted to have worked with Signworld to produce a BSL version of A Quick Guide to the Rules of Golf,” said Shona McRae, Assistant Director - Rules at The R&A.

“It is important to know the Rules of the game and a good knowledge of these basics will enable all golfers not just to get round the golf course incident free, but it may save a few precious strokes in the process.

“Making this Quick Guide accessible to everyone is important to The R&A and it is hoped that the audio and BSL translated versions will be of help to golfers.”