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New condition on grooves comes into effect for amateur events

43A18A023691489098415785AC99B210The new condition requiring golf clubs to conform to the 2010 groove and punch mark specifications will be in effect at R&A Championships this year. Competitors are being urged to verify the status of their clubs against the new regulations and a searchable database is available on this website.

This condition will be in effect at R&A Championships including all qualifying events applicable to those Championships.  All competitors must conform to the amended groove regulations which apply to all clubs, apart from drivers and putters. Full details can be found in Decision 4-1/1 of Decisions on the Rules of Golf.

Prior to 2014, the condition was in effect at The Open, International Final Qualifying and Local Final Qualifying, but from 2014 onward will also be in effect at all R&A amateur events including The Amateur Championship, The Seniors Amateur Championship, The Boys Amateur Championship, Regional Qualifying for The Open, as well as many other amateur events worldwide. The condition will not be in effect at the Junior Open Championship.

New models of clubs submitted to the governing bodies on or after 1 January 2010 are not currently included in the database and such clubs are required to meet the 2010 groove specifications by the Rules of Golf. The R&A’s Equipment Standards department will be available to handle queries from players on the issue and also conduct a test service for clubs that need to be tested to ascertain their status.

Guidance on how to interpret the database search results and a further explanation of the new specifications is available here:

All queries should be directed to The R&A’s Equipment Standards department on 01334 460000 or by email to