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Liang Wen Chong and The R and A Launch golf etiquette campaign in China

ADEFBEB7C0174F4D9313843CF119DCD2China’s number one golfer and R&A Working for Golf Ambassador, Liang Wen-Chong, has launched a national media campaign to help raise awareness of golf course etiquette and the Rules of Golf amongst China’s growing golf community. 

The initiative is driven by The R&A, with the support of the China Golf Association (CGA) and Rolex, and is presented by Liang.  The campaign features a number of short video clips which highlight specific Rules and behaviours and focus on respecting fellow players, respecting the Rules of the game and respecting the golf course.

Liang, a winner of 19 professional titles over his career, is honoured to be part of the campaign: “The Rules and traditions of golf are what make the game so special.  It is the only major sport where the players police themselves.  As the golfing community in China continues to grow quickly, it is important that we help new players understand the special nature of the game and how to behave on the golf course.”

“Golf can be a complicated sport for new players,” continued Liang, “but working with the CGA, Rolex and The R&A, I hope this campaign will help highlight some of the fundamental pillars of the sport, namely, respect the course, respect the game and, most importantly, respect your fellow players.”

The broadcast and print campaign has been produced entirely in Mandarin and is supported by a new Chinese language Rules of Golf app available for iPhone and iPad. Produced by The R&A and the CGA, the app features a guide to the essential etiquette of the game, in which Liang explains the rights and wrongs relating to pace of play, care of the course, and consideration for other golf course users. It also includes The Quick Guide to the Rules, which is designed for fast and easy reference to help golfers know what to do in any of the most frequently occurring Rules scenarios with helpful images and diagrams.

Peter Dawson, the Chief Executive of The R&A, is delighted at the launch of the new campaign: “We are seeing continued growth of our sport in China and we have a duty to help new and current golfers increase their awareness of golf’s Rules and etiquette.  We much appreciate Liang’s support in fronting the campaign as he is the perfect person to explain some of the intricacies of the sport to Chinese golfers.  This is the first step in the campaign and we hope that TV stations and media across China will support it as well.

 “We must also thank the CGA for their backing of the campaign, and Rolex, who have been magnificent supporters of golf for many years.  This is a good example of how different organisations can come together through golf to help improve our wonderful game.”

Mr. Zhang Xiaoning, Director General, Multi-ball Games Administrative Center of General Administration of Sport of China, Vice President & Secretary General of CGA commented: “We are working closely with The R&A on a number of initiatives to help improve knowledge and understanding of the Rules of Golf.  Liang is a great fit for this campaign as he is able to communicate these messages directly to a wide audience of current and aspiring golfers.”