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The R&A and Laing Wen Chong launch second phase of China golf education programme

52381C290DDE4BFF87DFC8CC55ACB879China’s most accomplished golfer and R&A Working for Golf ambassador, Liang Wen-chong, today launched the second phase of a golf Rules education campaign aimed at helping China’s growing golf community better understand the Rules of the sport. The initiative is driven by The R&A, which administers the Rules of Golf together with the USGA, and is supported by the China Golf Association (CGA) and Rolex.

Last year The R&A released four short videos focusing on the etiquette of golf. Today, The R&A announced the release of four new video clips, presented by Liang, which highlight specific Rules of the sport and how to apply them on the course. The clips cover the Rules governing four scenarios familiar to every golfer:

  • Lost ball and out of bounds
  • Playing the ball as it lies
  • Unplayable ball
  • Water hazards

Liang, a winner of 19 tournaments worldwide, took a break from his preparations for this year’s 144TH Open at St Andrews to unveil the clips at The Rolex Experience in Shanghai:

“For amateur golfers there are no referees on the course checking the Rules are being obeyed. This is what makes golf such a special sport, the need for players to observe the Rules themselves and, if necessary, penalise themselves. It is very important, therefore, that players fully understand the Rules and, as importantly, understand the etiquette and behaviour expected of golfers,” commented the 36-year-old Liang.

“The Rules of Golf can be complicated for both beginners and more experienced players. The simple aim of this campaign is to help my fellow Chinese golfers get a better understanding of the Rules which will add to their enjoyment of this wonderful sport. I’m very proud to be working with The R&A, the CGA and Rolex on this initiative,” concluded Liang.

The four Rules clips were recorded in Mandarin and have been produced with English subtitles. The content will be made available to all media outlets in China free of charge with the intention that the clips are used as widely as possible. The campaign will also be supported by posters and print advertisements carrying a QR code enabling golfers to access the content via their smartphones and tablets.

Dominic Wall, Director – Asia-Pacific at The R&A, said: “I would like to thank Liang for his generous contribution to this initiative. He is a magnificent ambassador for golf and it is fantastic to have his help in explaining the sport’s Rules and etiquette to the Chinese golf community.

“Our role at The R&A is to administer the Rules of Golf and to nurture and grow the sport around the world. With Liang’s help, and the support of our partners at the CGA and Rolex, I believe that this initiative will encourage more players to take up golf by making the Rules and etiquette of the sport easier to understand.”

China’s national governing body for the sport, the CGA, are partners in the campaign and Mr. Zhong Min, Deputy Director of the Olympic Sport Support Division of Multi-Ball Games Administrative Center of General Administration of Sport of China, was at the announcement in Shanghai to lend his support:

“This is a great initiative by The R&A and we are honoured to have their help in growing the understanding of the Rules of Golf amongst the Chinese golfing community. The game teaches discipline, respect and honour, qualities everyone should strive for. We look forward to continuing our partnership with The R&A for many years to come.”