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European Tour Referees Sit R&A Rules Exam

European Tour Referees 1

If you are a golfer, it pays to keep your Rules knowledge up to date.  It is even more important to do so if you are a referee on the PGA European Tour involved in delivering multi-million pound professional events around the world.

Accordingly, the referees from the Tour staff recently gathered at the Tour’s headquarters at Wentworth to put their knowledge to the test and update their Rules qualifications.

European Tour Referees 2

Dealing with Rules situations everyday on the Tour tends to become second nature. However, it is also important to ensure a good, up-to-date knowledge of the Rules is maintained and the world’s top referees are not exempt from this. Giving rulings to the world’s top golfers brings added pressure, so ensuring a strong Rules knowledge is vital to enable the official to perform their duties to the best of their abilities.

The R&A operates a three-tier Rules education programme and the Level 3 exam is the highest level of exam provided by The R&A, requiring a comprehensive understanding of the Rule book and the Decisions on the Rules of Golf. Although there is no official Rules qualification in the game of golf, the Level 3 exam is recognised throughout The R&A’s jurisdiction as being the ultimate test and a successful pass demonstrates a strong level of knowledge of the individual.

European Tour Referees 3

David Garland, Director of European Tour Operations commented, “It is good practice for our team to take the exam every few years and to be up to date with their qualification.  We work with many national golf association referees who also taken this exam, so it is representative of the standards we expect when officiating on the European Tour.”

In 2016 why not follow the example of these European Tour referees and refresh your knowledge of the Rules?

Visit our Rules Education page for ideas.