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Beijing seminar identifies the keys to developing sustainable golf in China

The R&A’s Sustainability Seminar in Beijing ended on a high note with a panel of international and local experts summarising the discussions around sharing best practice on design, construction, renovation and maintenance of golf facilities that maximise the beneficial impacts on nature, resources and communities.

During the two-day seminar, more than 200 golf course superintendents, developers, managers and academics from throughout China learned from a number of speakers that sustainability is more than a concept or an idea. It applies directly to their golf courses and facilities and can have a tangible and measurable impact on the success of their operations.

Steve Isaac, Director – Golf Course Management, The R&A
Steve Isaac, Director – Golf Course Management, The R&A
Six keys to sustainable golf were also discussed:
  • Build a diverse and innovative stock of golf courses on brownfield land which delivers clear benefits to communities
  • Build golf courses that are accessible, affordable and enjoyable
  • Choose the right grasses, employing native grasses where they can provide the necessary playing quality
  • Use a sustainable, and socially acceptable water source
  • Produce great and healthy golf turf and minimise the area of maintained turf; thereby reducing the use of water, fertiliser and pesticide
  • Collect and share evidence of environmentally and socially responsible development and management, and gain recognition for your achievements through internationally credible certification, the GEO programme.
Delegate engaging discussion with the panelists
Delegate engaging discussion with the panelists

“Golf needs to work on its image which is more relevant here in China than ever,” said Steve Isaac, Director of Golf Course Management at The R&A, “It’s important for golf to deliver positive value with regards to its impact on nature, resources and communities. For the R&A, sustainability is all about securing the future for the sport of golf.”

The next Sustainability Seminar in Asia will take place in Bangkok in Thailand on 10 March.