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Golfers encouraged to test proposed new Rules

• Golfers and golf clubs encouraged to test proposed new Rules of Golf.

• ‘Test Rules Sheet’ and explanatory video provided for running test events.

•  The R&A and USGA want golfers to feedback via online survey.

As part of the feedback and evaluation process on the proposed new Rules, which were previewed on 1 March 2017, The R&A and USGA are encouraging golf clubs and golfers to test the proposed Rules on the course.

To add fun and competition to the experience, it is being recommended to organise an unofficial event using the ‘Test Rules Sheet’.

To make it easier for all the participants to get familiar with the Test Rules, The R&A has produced a short Test Rules Explanatory Video.


For a better understanding of the proposed new Rules, it is recommended that all golfers watch this video before testing them out. On completion of your Test Event, please visit our online survey to give feedback or email