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England victory sealed in the Boys Home Internationals

  • England defeat Scotland in morning foursomes to make victory certain
  • Wales lose to Ireland to end hope of overcoming England
  • England will win title for the 16th time

England are certain to win the Boys Home Internationals for the 16th time when they beat Scotland 4-1 in the morning foursomes on the third and final day at St Annes Old Links, while their only challengers Wales lost their foursomes to Ireland by the same margin.

The defending champions were in total control overnight with wins over Wales and Ireland in their first two matches. Wales had beaten Scotland on the second day while Ireland and Scotland had halved their match on the opening day.

Trailing badly on the games won stakes, Wales needed a comprehensive victory over Ireland to challenge for the trophy and England needed to lose comprehensively to Scotland. But after the foursomes Welsh hopes had been dashed.

England edge towards victory

Charlie Strickland and Toby Briggs, members of last year's winning England side, got the ball rolling with a 4&3 victory over Eric McIntosh and Darren Howie, quickly followed by Ben Jones and Joe Pagdin, who beat Callum Bruce and Jack Broun by the same margin.

Playing in the fifth and final match of the morning Jack Cope and Danny Daniels clinched what was a vital point when they beat Lewis Irvine and Greg Daziel 3&2 on the 16th before Conor Gough and Robin Williams claimed England's fourth point when they beat John Paterson and Campbell Gibson by two holes.

Scotland's two 13-year-olds Calum Scott and Aidan O'Hagan prevented a morning whitewash when they claimed a point with a one hole victory over Thomas Plumb and Alex Fitzpatrick.

Ireland in control

Wales started off with a bang against Ireland Luke Harries and George Bryant beating Mark Power and Reece Black 6&5 in the opening foursomes but it was all downhill from there, Ireland winning the next four games.

Jack Hearn and Robert Moran beat Thomas Matthews and Sean Davies 6&4, John Brady and Aaron Marshall beat Jack Cade and Tom Peet 3&1, Eoin Murphy and Charlie Denvir beat Ben Hicks and Tom Froom 4&3 and Cameron Raymond and Ross Kelly beat Aled Greville and Harry Frazer by two holes.