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STERF publishes 2019 Yearbook

  • STERF Board agree to funding 6 new projects, including one in partnership with The R&A.
  • The production of a Golf Course 2030 plan for Scandinavia.
  • Projects relate to integrated pest management, sustainable water management, winter stress management, and multifunctional golf facilities and ecosystem services.
  • Includes information on new videos, handbooks and seminars.

STERF (Scandinavian Turfgrass and Environment Research Foundation) has published its 2019 Yearbook, which describes all of STERF´s ongoing activities and projects.  The Yearbook and more information about STERF´s programmes and projects can be found at

In 2019 STERF had 13 ongoing projects, all of which are presented in the yearbook. Other important STERF activities were: the international seminar on sustainable use of pesticides in Oslo, the collaboration with The R&A on a Golf Course 2030 plan for Scandinavia, the start of six new projects (including one also supported by The R&A), and the publication of a number of handbooks, fact sheets, scientific and  popular scientific articles.

The Yearbook reports on projects covering a diverse range of topics, including turfgrass variety trials, integrated pest management, using the golf course as a classroom, carbon sequestration, reducing the impact of ice damage, enhancing golf courses for nature and robotic mowers.

The Yearbook reflects on the production of a Golf Course 2030 plan for Scandinavia and the 14th International Turfgrass Research Conference, which will be held in Copenhagen in July 2021.

More information on Golf Course 2030 can be found here.