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Rules Education in Mauritius

The Mauritius Golf Federation held its first Level 1 Rules Seminar – the first of several planned for 2020 - on 23rd June at the Avalon Golf Estate.

The Seminar had been originally scheduled for 23rd March but due to lockdown measures coming into effect just before this, the Seminar had to be postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

It was a disappointment for Alan Jones, who was conducting the Seminar.  Alan attended this year’s Level 3 Tournament Administrators and Referees Seminar (TARS) in St Andrews and wanted to share his knowledge and support with the Mauritius Golf Federation in their efforts to educate on the Rules.


“This would have been my first experience of running a Level 1 Seminar and I had been gearing up for it.”

“I had reviewed the materials, prepared my notes, scoped out the practical demonstration area so was ready to go.  Naturally, I was a little apprehensive being my first one, but I was ready.  And then, everything had to be postponed”.

Alan was not deterred and with lockdown measures lifting in June, he was able to reschedule the event.  However, this required other factors to be considered.  With social distancing and other health precautions a requirement, he had to make adjustments.  The number who could be safely accommodated was less and all participants had to have their temperature checked before entry.

Passes all round

On the day, a small group of seven participants took part and the event went very well.  All delegates attained a pass in the Level 1 exam with 3 achieving a pass with merits and two with distinction (the highest score achieved was 98%.)

It was not a conventional Seminar as Alan pointed out.  “Being required to sit apart and wear face masks made it feel very different to other seminars I’ve been to, but we still managed to have fun and all of us benefited from it”.

“This was the first seminar in Mauritius since the introduction of the 2019 Rules but hopefully the first of many.”