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Notice to Golf Ball Manufacturers

Publication of Technical Documents 


On 1 February 2021, R&A Rules Limited and the United States Golf Association published a Notice and Comment, including a proposed Update on testing method for golf balls.


The current notice is to inform golf ball manufacturers about the publication of four (4) technical documents on The R&A website that provide details for the proposed update.





Proposed Launch Condition Limits for Optimisation of Overall Distance

Establishes the relevant range of launch angles and spin for the optimisation of overall distance based on performance of highly skilled golfers.

Download Here

Proposed Bounce Model for Use in Evaluating Optimum Overall Distance

Identifies a bounce and roll model for the computation of overall distance based on experimental data and observations of competition playing surfaces.

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Proposed Method for use in Launch Condition Optimisation

Describes a computationally efficient method for identifying optimised overall distance within the launch condition limits specified.

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Proposed Test Conditions for Optimisation of Overall Distance

Describes Indoor Test Range test conditions (‘settings’) appropriate for evaluating optimum overall distance.

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