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The Local Rules that you have selected are shown below. Remember to ensure that they are appropriate for your circumstances by reviewing the purpose statement for each Model Local Rule in Section 8 of the Committee Procedures. Instructions:

The sections of text with the shaded background should be edited to suit your course and requirements. To do this click on each shaded section and start typing or press the space bar to delete the dummy text.

Click on the ‘Copy to Clipboard’ button below, then open a blank word document and select 'paste' within that programme. You can then format and edit your chosen Local Rules as required. Note: the document formatting may differ from what you see on the screen.

It is recommended that you delete and edit titles so that related Local Rules are grouped together under one heading. For example, all section A Local Rules may be under the heading 'Out of Bounds (Rule 18)'.

0 Rules Selected

For the full text of any Model Local Rules referenced, please refer to the Official Guide to the Rules of Golf. Unless otherwise noted, the penalty for breach of a Local Rule is the General Penalty