Purpose and Authorization; Obtaining a Handicap Index
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Interpretation 2

Rule 1 covers the fundamentals of handicapping, including:

  • The purpose of the World Handicap System
  • Authorisation
  • Responsibilities of key stakeholders, and
  • How to obtain a Handicap Index.
How to Obtain a Handicap Index
Designating a Home Club
Player Who Belongs to Multiple Golf Clubs within Different Jurisdictions Resulting in More Than One Handicap Index

Rule 1.1 states that thepurpose of the World Handicap System is, among other things, to give as many golfers as possible the opportunity to obtain and maintain a Handicap Index.

Where a player is a member of a golf club located in a different jurisdiction from the location of their home club, the player may be required to hold a separate Handicap Index issued by the Authorized Association responsible for handicapping within the different jurisdiction. While such a requirement is discouraged, in order to ensure the same Handicap Index is issued by both Authorized Associations, it is the player’s responsibility to return all acceptable scores to both their home club and the golf club that is located in the different jurisdiction.

Should there ever be a discrepancy between a player’s Handicap Index as issued by different Authorized Associations, the Handicap Index within the jurisdiction where the round is being played should be used. When playing outside of either jurisdiction, the lowest Handicap Index should be used.