Submitting a Score
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Principle of the Rule: 

Rule 4 covers the process for the submission of acceptable scores for handicap purposes, both to obtain an initial Handicap Index and to maintain an established Handicap Index.

Timely submission of scores by a player, or anyone else responsible or authorized to submit scores on their behalf, allows for responsive updates and provides a real-time measure of the player’s golfing ability.

This Rule also outlines the information that players are required to submit for acceptable scores and how these scores can be verified.

Certification of a Score
Clarification of Meaning of Peer Review as a Method of Certification of Scores

In some jurisdictions, peer review is used as a method of verifying a player’s score or corroborating a player’s demonstrated ability. This is either instead of, or as well as, the requirement for a marker to certify the player’s score with a signature. Peer review is normally conducted by someone:

  • Playing in the same group or who was present during the round, and/or
  • Who is a member of the same golf club as the player.

In all cases, it must be someone who:

  • Has formed a reasonable basis from which to provide support for a score that has been posted or challenge the player on any anomalies in the posted score, or
  • Has knowledge of the player’s demonstrated ability and can reasonably verify or challenge the Handicap Index issued to the player.

Challenges or disputes should be raised with the player and/or reported to the Handicap Committee for consideration.