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The Equipment Rules

The main objective of the Equipment Rules is to ensure that technological advances in the design and manufacture of golf equipment are in the best interests of the game of golf.

While not wishing to stifle innovation, the purpose of the Equipment Rules is to protect the traditions of the game, to prevent an over-reliance on technological advances rather than on practice and skill, and to preserve skill differentials throughout the game.

Rules Modernisation

One of the main reasons for the Rules Modernisation product was to make the Rules of Golf easier to read and understand.  To this end, it was decided that the Rules related to Equipment should be given a separate publication.  Thus, the Equipment Rules was born - a single document which combines the information which was previously contained within Appendices II, III and IV of the Rules of Golf 2016 and the publication A Guide to Rules on Clubs and Balls into a single centralised location.

 It is anticipated that the Equipment Rules will make it much quicker and easier for manufacturers, tournament officials and other interested parties to find all the relevant Rules and interpretations related to specific items of equipment.

Please click here to access a pdf copy of the Equipment Rules for your own use.

A searchable online version of the Equipment Rules will be available in early 2019.