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Conforming Driver List

The List of Conforming Driver Heads identifies the models and lofts of all driver heads that have been submitted for evaluation to either The R&A or the United States Golf Association and have been determined to conform to the Rules of Golf.

 It is updated every Monday morning.

Identifying my Driver

Every model is included on the List as a separate entry with corresponding lofts and identification markings that are essential to determining whether the driver listed is the same as the driver in question.

 A link to an image of each driver included on this list is available through the searchable online. Please note that only the image of the driver head's sole is provided. Therefore, it should only be used for reference purposes. There are often models that have identical sole markings but have different face, crown, toe and/or heel markings. Identical sole markings alone are not enough to conclude that the clubhead in question is the model listed. 

Tips for Players & Officials

  • Search the List with the club in hand
  • Be methodical
  • Take care to look at all parts of the head – sole, heel, toe, crown and hosel
  • Check that the relevant loft is listed
  • Differentiating markings, to distinguish two different models, may be subtle
  • If all markings on the listed club do not match exactly to a club that is in question, it is likely to be a different model
  • The colour of the markings is not relevant
  • Post-production custom markings or logos, or any stick on decals, do not count as identification markings

Searching the List

The full List can be downloaded in PDF form – sorted alphabetically in either Manufacturer order or by Product Name.

Alternatively, the List can be searched online using a simple Equipment Search tool.

Equipment Search


Condition of Competition

  • The List of Conforming Driver Heads is only recommended for use as a Condition of Competition by Committees in charge of competitions restricted to highly skilled players (including top amateur events).
  • It is the player's responsibility to carry clubs that conform to the Rules of Golf, and all relevant Conditions. Players and manufacturers should take care to ensure that any modification of a driver head does not alter the playing characteristics such that it becomes different from the sample which appears on the List.
  • Driver heads manufactured prior to 1999 are exempt from the requirement of the Condition.

Unlisted Drivers

Q. Can I still use my driver if it is not listed?

A. If the condition of competition is in effect, requiring your driver to be on the List, then the answer is ‘No’. If the condition is not in effect, the driver can be used – provided it conforms to the Rules.

Q. Why is my driver not listed?

A. There are a number of reasons for this, including:

  • It may never have been submitted;
  • It may be non-conforming;
  • It may pre-date 1999.

Q. If my driver is not listed, how can I find out its conformance status?

A. By contacting either the manufacturer or The R&A.