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Golf Course 2030

Golf Course 2030 (GC2030) was established in 2018 as an industry initiative to consider the impacts, both positive and negative, of the changing climate, resource constraints and regulation on course condition and playability.  Its aim is to produce a roadmap that will steer the sport to address the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities that these issues present. 

A GC2030 document will be produced for each country/region which engages with the initiative, and this will set the scene for development of the roadmap.  The roadmap needs to meet strategic needs at regional, national and local level, and the operational needs at golf facility level. 

The document for GC2030 in Great Britain & Ireland can be viewed here

The process for addressing the challenges and taking advantage of the opportunities presented by the changing climate, resource constraints and regulation on course condition and playability is:

  1. Bring stakeholders together
  2. Stakeholders to agree on priority issues
  3. Form a Working Party to oversee the process
  4. Create an Action Plan for each priority issue which presents a pathway to find solutions as to how the challenges can be addressed and the opportunities taken
  5. Implement this pathway and once achieved the process begins again.


The stakeholders engaged in GC2030 GB&I can be found below and can be downloaded here.

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From this group of stakeholders, a GC2030 GB&I Working Party has been formed to oversee this process.  It is hoped that working through the GC2030 process in GB&I will ensure that, over time, it is transferable to other parts of The R&A’s jurisdiction.


The outcomes from GC2030 should help course managers sustain, perhaps even improve, course condition and playability compared to that we enjoy today.

Instigated and facilitated by The R&A, GC2030 is intended to address our purpose: to make golf more accessible, appealing and inclusive, and to ensure it is thriving 50 years from now.

The golf course is the sport’s foundation and without conditioning and playability that appeals to golfers, the game will not thrive.