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Distance Insights

The Distance Insights Project will examine distance through a multi-pronged approach that includes global stakeholder engagement, third-party data review, and research. Focus groups and discussion forums will play an important role in the project, to secure a broad range of perspectives throughout golf. 

This page will be used as a communication tool and you can expect it to evolve over the coming months. 

We are interested in hearing your comments and perspectives on distance, including: whether it has impacted you and how this has manifested itself, how you perceive hitting distance and how distance and its impact might evolve in the future.

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In an effort to thoroughly inform the Distance Insights we are engaging with golfers and a wide range of golf’s stakeholders to gather perspectives on the potential causes and impacts of increased distance.  

In this latest phase of the Distance Insights project, research will be conducted with a series of golfers and stakeholder groups worldwide, banded into 12 general categories. The findings of the global perspectives research will help inform the full Distance Insights report, scheduled to be released in 2019.


The research is being conducted by SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS an independent and international full-service sports research consultancy.

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