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I Am Playing in a Multi Tee Event… How Many Strokes Do I Get?

Understanding Mixed/Multi Tee Events

How do Handicap Allowances and any other adjustments get applied in an 18-hole mixed/multi tee event?

  • The WHS facilitates play between golfers of any gender, ability or age, as players can compete for the same prize in a competition playing from any rated set of tees
  • When playing in an 18-hole mixed or multi tee event, whatever the format of play, the first step is for each player to calculate their own individual Course Handicap
  • Next, the applicable Handicap Allowance for the format of play is applied to the Course Handicap, giving the player their Playing Handicap
  • Next, those players playing from a set of tees with a higher Course Rating add additional strokes to their Playing Handicap – equal to the difference between the Course Rating of the tees they are playing from and the tees being played with the lowest Course Rating
  • In Four-Ball formats, strokes are only allocated after each player has calculated their individual Playing Handicap. Strokes are then taken from the player with the lowest Playing Handicap
  • In Foursomes, any adjustment for the difference in Course Ratings would be half of the combined adjustment for each side

Which card is used in Mixed Foursomes and Four-Ball formats?

  • In Foursomes competitions from mixed tees, the Committee must specify in the Terms of the Competition which single set of tees will determine the Pars and Stroke Index that are to be used
  • In Four-Ball formats from mixed tees, individual players score using the card and Stroke Index appropriate for the tee they are playing from