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Playing Conditions Calculations

The Conditions Were Tough Today… Why Wasn’t There a Playing Conditions Calculation (PCC) Adjustment?

Understanding the Playing Conditions Calculation (PCC)

Why is there rarely an adjustment for PCC on days when the playing conditions feel challenging?

  • The PCC is designed to detect when the playing conditions are ‘abnormal’ and reflect any significant changes in scoring difficulty on the day, on a specific course
  • The same calculation is carried out all around the world on a daily basis, and it happens automatically within the software. It is not an optional element of the WHS and it cannot be ‘switched off’.
  • The mechanism was deliberately designed to be conservative in nature - and to only trigger an adjustment when the scores returned on the day demonstrate that the playing conditions are truly ‘abnormal’.
  • The PCC will not be triggered due to the poor performance of a small number of players in the field.  
  • In order for the PCC to trigger an adjustment, a significant percentage of players must return scores which are higher or lower than their expected scoring range
  • If significantly fewer players than anticipated submit a score within their expected scoring range, conditions are determined to be harder than normal
  • If significantly more players than anticipated submit a score within their expected scoring range, conditions are determined to be easier than normal
  • On days when the conditions are perceived to be difficult but there is no adjustment for PCC, this will be because a significant number of players have scored within their expected range
  • It is not just weather that can cause scores to be higher or lower than expected, as course conditions and course set up also play a key role and can contribute to a PCC adjustment (or lack of it)
  • Players are not expected to play to their handicap every time they go out, and this is reflected in the player’s expected scoring range that is used for the PCC
  • Taking all of the above into account, there may be more days without a PCC adjustment than some would expect – even when the conditions feel challenging
  • As the WHS continues to settle in, the impact of PCC will be monitored around the world and, as part of a co-ordinated review process, it will be determined whether any changes are necessary in the future