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2019 Rules of Golf App

The Official App for the 2019 Rules of Golf includes nearly 30 diagrams and how-to videos that help to explain the Rules and gives guidance for many common situations.  Other features include:

  • Improved Search Functionality
  • A Visual Search – to help you quickly find the Rule you need
  • Rules of Golf Quiz
  • A Rules Essentials section will follow later in 2018 to help you learn the basics

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The Official Rules of Golf App

Available FREE on iPhone, iPad and Android. From on-course behaviour, through a summary of the fundamental Rules to the complete Rules of Golf (effective January 2016) and a new interactive quiz you’ll soon find the answer you are looking for. For more information see below.

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The Official Decisions on the Rules of Golf App

The official interpretation of the Rules of Golf from The R&A – the game’s governing body, now available FREE in an updated edition for 2016 - 2017. It provides clear answers to practical problems encountered when playing golf. Decisions follow a simple question and answer format, making them easy to understand and act upon.

This is the perfect app for those that are involved in organising events and who need to know the Rules in detail: referees, golf club Committee members and golf professionals.

The App is available on iPhone, iPad and Android.


Quick Guide

The Quick Guide to the Rules will make sure that you know what to do if you find yourself in any of the most frequently-occurring Rules scenarios. Designed for quick and easy reference, the Guide is fully illustrated and contains numerous images, diagrams and video footage.


You'll also find a guide to the essential Etiquette of the game, in which two-time Open Champion Padraig Harrington explains the rights and wrongs relating to pace of play, care of the course, and consideration for other golf course users.


Should you need more detail, the complete Rules (effective January 2016), will cover every eventuality, and once you’ve become an expert you can test yourself with a new interactive quiz section, complete with explanations and a revised scoring format.